Do you surf?  Do you teach?  How would you like to do…both?!  Our English Wonderland sits atop a mountain that descends five minutes to the sea shore, and some of Taiwan’s BEST surfing!  In this state-sponsored program you’ll teach language through DOING!  No tests, no homework, rather activities – to make the connection between ideas and language. 

Our lush green campus is completely designed to give students the opportunity to have FUN!  Plus, teachers get five and a half days off every other week! Which means, if you like to surf, you’ll have TIME to surf!  Most importantly, you’ll have the chance to make English come alive – giving students the chance to “get” English. 

Get it via action, the best way to learn!  So, if you are a state licensed or credentialed teacher seeking an incredible opportunity, then please send your resume and a copy of your state-issued teacher’s license.